Ilha Formosa,

English Translation in progress

Marion Jebbink

Writing with light about life’s truth. Catching images about being born and bidding farewell  and everything in between. Stories about people for whom life is not natural and looking differently at everydays’ events because, common as they may seem,  they are really quite special. Everywhere I go I enjoy the beauty and simplicity of what everyday life shows us.
I am Marion Jebbink, Dutch photographer, married, mother of a beautiful daughter and addicted to looking. As photographing has been in my blood from an early age and as it became time for a change, I decided to change course somewhere in 2010. I went back to school to learn the tricks of photography. After a two years’ training at the vocational school of photography I graduated as a professional  photographer and opened my own studio in 2013.
My daily challenge is to catch that one special moment, in my studio, somewhere on the street, or during a special farewell.
Life without photography? I couldn’t imagine it. For it is so wonderful to share my way of looking with anyone who wants to see it

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